Building an inclusive LGBT and ally community through education, advocacy, and networking.


Board Meeting
The Perceptions Board will meet on September 13, 2017 at Delta College in room A035. Public is welcome!

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Perceptions is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Its mission is to provide inclusive sexual orientation and gender identity/expression (SOGIE) education, advocacy, networking, and resources to individuals and organizations in the Great Lakes Bay Region. All of our operating funds come from donations, sponsorships, grants, and fund-raisers.


Our mission is to pride inclusive sexual orientation and gender identity/expression (SOGIE) education, advocacy, networking, and resources to individuals and organizations in the Great Lakes Bay Region.


Perceptions vision: An inclusive and supportive community that inspires engagement, equality, and respect for all.

Non-Discrimination Statement

We respect the diversity of our community and we strive to create an inclusive organization where everyone can freely be themselves.

We provide services to all people regardless of age, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disability, religion or any other factor protected by law.

  • We strive to create an environment of mutual respect, free from harassment and unprofessional behavior.
  • Sexual harassment is a particularly harmful form of inappropriate conduct. It can include unwelcome flirtations or sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, unsolicited physical contact, and offensive verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature. It can also include inappropriate pictures, posters, screen savers, videos or e-mail messages.
  • Bullying and mobbing are unacceptable. This includes any aggressive, intimidating or violent behavior that may create a hostile environment.
  • We seek to avoid conduct and statements that are degrading, offensive, humiliating or intimidating to others. Seemingly innocent actions can create an environment that may be offensive, and we should be alert to our own behavior and the effect it may have on others.
  • We expect the same behavior of our volunteers, vendors, and sponsors.

What We Do

  • We offer discussion groups, such as our Transgender Group, which address the special needs that are found within our LGBT comunity.
  • We host speakers on topics of particular interest to the LGBT community in order to enrich and empower them.
  • We organize and host social gatherings to provide opportunities for people to network, develop friendships and nurture suppoort of one another.
  • We update our community on events and news that affects their lives.
  • We advocate at a grass roots leve to influence officials with our public service campaigns, media exposure, educational programs and letter writing.
  • Through our charitable work, we help eliminate negative sterotypes by offering opportunities to support our local community, which helps them, and builds strong allies.
  • Through education, we strive to promote understanding and increase tolerance in society. We communicate, on a personal level, the struggles that LGBT individuals often face. By putting a human face on our issues, we make it more difficult to discriminate against us.
  • We welcome and appreciate the hard work and talents of all those that offer their help. Volunteers are needed in a range of involvement from specific tasks to leading committees. Just let us know your interests!

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